Our speaker, C.R. Kreuzer, is the director of Anchor Point Films—an organization that engages with archaeologists, theologians, scholars, and historians to produce the “Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series.” C.R. has traveled the world for the last fourteen years sharing seminars on the Bible, Biblical archaeology and prophecy, and helping people find power to overcome destructive habits and addictions. His clear and dynamic speaking make Bible prophecy easy to understand. This seminar is especially designed for busy people (Christian and non-Christian). Come and experience the Bible in a way that you never have before. 
Please join us everyday from September 19 - October 1, 2016  (EXCEPT ON THURSDAYS September 22 & 29)
Venue: Remnant SDA Church
13925 New Hampshire Ave
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Time: 7:30 pm week days (Monday - Friday) (Except Thursdays)
Saturday 9:30 am

If God Sings September 25, 2016

If God sings, and the Bible says He does, well, that changes everything. It opens our minds to the realization that within all His enormous power there beats a tender heart. If God sings, we find ourselves standing in awe before the union of absolute might housed within infinite sensitivity.

     If God is a composer and singer of love songs, as Scripture says He is, that means He must be deeply in love with us, because only those who are in love sing love songs. And it must also mean He wants us to hear Him, because singers who sing love songs sing to be heard by the ones they love. Do we hear the divine music?

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