Hold Fast September 22, 2018

The course of history is punctuated by the extraordinary achievements of individuals who clung firmly to their convictions, opposed common patterns and mind-sets, and defended their claims in court. This is certainly true of Martin Luther, the sixteenth-century monk whose act of insurgence forever changed the development of Western society. . . . None of this, however, came without cost.

The similarity of Luther's and Paul's sagas is remarkable. Both were learned men of their time. Both were commissioned to challenge the prevailing systems. Both were sent to other cities for court hearings. Both appealed to the emperor. And both stood firm to the truth of the gospel. Though Paul's arrest had been precipitated by his own mistake in trying to please the believers in Jerusalem, God still had plans for him, and he would not renounce his calling. 

Paul was not perfect, but his faith and commitment to God eclipsed his debilities and served to power the growth and establishment of Christianity.

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