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He's Singing Your Song February 23, 2017

Have you ever wondered about the song that God is singing over you? One day I wrote in my prayer journal, "God, someday when I am in heaven, can we go for a walk together and will You sing for me the song You sing over me now? And when You do, in some deep part of my soul, will I recognize my song because You are so much a part of my life?"

     I think God has a song for each one of us. I don't think He has just one song that covers us all, but rather that He has a unique song for each one of us. In my imagination, I picture God in heaven singing His song over me, and the angels hear it. I imagine them saying to each other, "God is singing again. Listen, He's singing Ginny's song!" Or He's singing your song. Maybe right now, at this moment, God is singing your song. Can you hear it deep in your heart?

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