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Servants Equipping Servants April 23, 2018

Ministry, which in the New Testament sense is service, belongs to the whole church. A ministry is given to the whole people of God. The entire church becomes Christ's servant and is accordingly given its function, purpose, and structure--which is essentially missionary. The total community is responsible for a ministry to and for the world.

But there are special ministries given to the church that enable it to carry out the mission of God in the world. These servants who equip, inspire, and facilitate are as great or as small as their effectiveness in making every church member, including the smallest and most despised, an evangelist in his own home and environment.

The building up of the body of Christ, the church, depends upon the efficiency and power of those persons with special ministries. When these pastors, for that is precisely what they all are, willingly give all their strengths and gifts to the performance of it, the whole church becomes equipped for service.

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