He Took the Sting December 6, 2016

When he refused to repent, Satan lost his character and his position as Lucifer, the Light-bearer. So he determined that in the cosmic war of the ages that ensued, he would defeat God and take His throne for himself. This battle is known as the great controversy. It is fought in human hearts worldwide. The cross is the weapon that will defeat Satan, both in the great cosmic war and in the battle with sin in our hearts.

     The Son of God fought this temendous battle of the ages in His heart as He hung on a cross in the dark. He endured what no other human being in all time has had to endure - that of being, to all evidences, totally forsaken by God. Christ bared His soul and drew the sting of the second death to Himself so that we can escape it. It can no longer hurt those who believe because it spent itself on Christ. Now, glory of glories, the throne of God is secure for all eternity to come. And by faith you and I can share the victory!

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