The Lost Son January 23, 2017

The lost son differs from the lost coin in that he recognizes that he is lost. But unlike the lost sheep he knows how to get home. The whole point of the contrast in the three parables is that the son is glad to be lost. The last thing on his mind is to go home. After all, he is on the road to freedom.

     This differing nature of the lostness of the son points to an interesting aspect of God's love. When the sheep and coin were lost, someone conducted a diligent search to find them. But when the son was lost, the father did not search after him. Why? The answer lies in the nature of the son's lostness. His is a case of high-handed rebellion, not one of weakness or ignorance. The young man rejoiced in living the lost life, and the father was wise enough to realize that love cannot be forced. The wisest course was to let his son experience his rebellion and reap the results. But when the son "came to himself" and headed home, the father ran out and conferred full sonship on the repentant boy. Then he threw a big party to celebrate the young man's return.

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